Tyson Fury’s Father Was Aggressive When He Collided With Usyk’s Side And Was Injured

The match between Tyson Fury (holding the WBC title) and Oleksandr Usyk (holding the WBA, IBF, WBO belts) is one of the most anticipated matches in the world of heavyweight boxing. This event not only attracted the attention of fans but also dragged many related characters into the controversy.

On May 13, both Fury and Usyk’s team arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to complete the final procedures before the match on May 18.

As soon as they arrived, clashes began to take place. Some videos on social networks show John Fury, Tyson’s father, meeting members of Usyk’s team who were cheering for the Ukrainian boxer. Not accepting defeat, John Fury joined the fight, even headbutting one of Usyk’s team to the point of bleeding on his forehead.

In another video, the “Gypsy King” appeared from the elevator and saw his father bleeding, but the British boxer did not participate in the altercation.

John was also a professional boxer, he was famous for his hot temper and often participated in confrontations to protect his son.

In 2022, he took off his shirt to challenge Jake Paul when the American boxer prepared to fight Tommy Fury, his younger son. During the match between Tyson and Francis Ngannou in October 2023, John even challenged boxing legend Mike Tyson to the ring when “Iron Fist” was Ngannou’s coach.

The incident at the press conference only increased the heat and drama for the upcoming match between Tyson and Usyk. The match is not only a confrontation between two of the world’s top boxers, but also has many hot developments behind the scenes, contributing to creating a dramatic and not to be missed sporting event.


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